Maine Sex Offender Registry

Protect Your Family: Know Who Lives Near You, Have Offenders Searched Regularly

Why it Matters

The first thing to do is know who lives near you. Maine Sex Offender Registry can be found in all communities, including yours. Knowing where they live helps keep your family safe from people that are convicted of sex crimes against children and adults. If you have a computer or smartphone, it’s easy to find out if someone has been registered as a sex offender in the last few years by doing a simple search on their name or address.

In order for these searches to be effective, law enforcement agencies need your help identifying new addresses of those who moved without informing authorities about their new home location- so please contact them right away!
Maine Sex Offender Registry
If you have a new Internet-connected computer or device, like a smartphone that your children use to go online, it’s important to install software and settings on the devices. There are many tools available for parents which can help keep young people safe online by blocking unwanted material and providing access only when they are with their parent. Parents should also talk to their kids about staying away from strangers who live near them in person as well as over social media sites – these tips will help protect our families from harm!

Make sure to also teach your children never to share any personal information about themselves with anyone online.

Parents are the most important role models for young people and can have a significant influence on their decisions for behavior, dress and attitudes in life. So talk openly with them! Helping keep our kids safe starts at home within families- so let’s work together as parents, educators, law enforcement agencies and community organizations to make our communities safer places for all of us by protecting those who live there from registered sex offenders!

In conclusion: It is essential that you know where sex offenders live near you – this article will help educate you on how to find out if someone has been convicted of sexual abuse or assault against a child or adult.