Treasure Valley Tooth Repair

Types of Tooth Repair: A Full Guide

Types of Tooth Repair

Some people think that a tooth can only be repaired with a filling. This is not the case! At Treasure Valley tooth repair there are many different ways to fix a tooth, and you should consult your dentist before choosing.

A filling is a restoration that fills in the tooth, and can be done to strengthen or repair teeth. A dentist will fill the interior of your tooth with an amalgam (metal) alloy that includes silver, tin or both. Filling restorations are more permanent than other types of treatments because they require no removal from inside the mouth. Fills must come off when it is time for replacement since there’s no way to know how much longer one would last before breaking down again.

Treasure Valley Tooth Repair

Root canal treatment involves removing nerves from within a damaged root tip and cleaning out any infected material using special instruments under endodontic light while irrigating with specialized solutions like sodium hypochlorite solution. The goal of this type of repair is to remove any infection, clean the root canal and then seal it off with a material that prevents bacteria from re-entering.

A dental crown is sometimes used to cover a tooth to restore its shape or size. It can also be used when there’s too much enamel damage for fillings alone to fix, like in cases of deep caries. For this procedure, we create an impression of your teeth so that they can make a custom fit which will protect them from future fracturing or breakage as well as restoring their function. A permanent restoration means you’ll need periodic follow up visits but it usually lasts longer than other types of treatments until something else goes wrong down the line while still protecting against fractured teeth!