The Different Types of Towing Services

What Kind of Towing Services are There?

There are a variety of towing San Jose services depending on the type of vehicle you need towed. Here is an overview of some common types:

Light Duty Towing These are for small cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The tow truck driver will hook up your car and transport it to a destination in or around town. This service is perfect if you have a broken down car that needs to be taken off the road until repairs can be made. It’s also great for getting vehicles out of tight parking spots or from one side of town to the other when there’s no where else to park them!

Heavy Duty Towing This service is for heavier vehicles like tractor trailers, buses, and other large commercial vehicles. The tow truck driver will hook up your vehicle with a special heavy duty cable then transport it to the nearest service lot or garage that can accommodate these larger types of vehicles.

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Emergency towing This type is reserved for when you have an emergency situation where there’s no time to wait for one of the lighter services like light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty. Emergency tow trucks are on call 24 hours per day and they respond quickly so you don’t get stuck waiting in inconvenient situations!

Long distance towing This is for when you need a tow truck to transport your vehicle more than 100 miles away. Some areas have regional services that require the driver to stay in town and take care of local jobs while they wait, but if nobody else can do it then out-of-town drivers will come down with their trucks and load up your car or other type of vehicle so it can be taken back home!