The Exciting Kepala Bergetar TV Show

Reasons Why People Watch Kepala Bergetar

Kepala Bergetar is a popular TV show in Indonesia. It’s a talk show where people bring up their problems, and get advice from the experts on how to solve them. Every week there are new topics that cover important issues like family violence, mental illness, or sexual assault. Tune in every Friday night at 7PM for the next episode of Kepala Bergetar!

This show is a great way to learn more about issues that are important in Indonesia, but also around the world. Many viewers find that watching the show makes them feel like they are part of a community. There is also some criticism of Kepala Bergetar, which is discussed in the episode on mental illness.

The show also airs in the US, which is helpful for people who don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia and want to stay up-to-date on current events.

In addition, Kepala Bergetar has a Facebook Page that shares daily updates about problems you might be having at home or work. If you have questions, they are available 24 hours a day by phone and email so feel free to contact them any time!

Kepala Bergetar

This is how you can watch Kepala Bergetar: Streaming on TVRI website or YouTube every Friday night at 19 PM (local time) and re-broadcasting in various times, for example Saturday 18 AM (local time).

Live streaming on Facebook page with more features. Live video starts 20 minutes before broadcast at any specified location. Streamers must have an active account to be able to live stream through their profile.

TVRI mobile app available for Android devices only, also downloadable from Play Store or App Store as “TVRI”. The iOS version will come soon! Available worldwide in English, Indonesian and Bahasa Melayu.

Each episode has three segments that can be watched in any order. First segment is usually with the experts, second is with a guest while the third segment consists of viewers’ questions.